The Project – Two levels

So the Garden got the Required Two Levels

Two Levels !

So the shed fully erected and treated left us with a big pile of mud.  It snowed and rained and as much as I wished for the dirt fairies to come and remove the excess soil it didn’t happen.  The complete garden was going to work best on two levels and as funds were tight we had to be resourceful.

We luckily managed to get hold of some railway sleepers FOC and with a little help from a friend we managed to put in a retaining wall around the shed and then across the width of the garden and some old steps were reused too.

The next week or so were spent moving, sifting and levelling soil.  And the more it dried out the more walked into the house.  I love gardens and plants but constant dust was horrible.  But sure gave me the incentive to level the ground so that we could finally lay the turf.

Any of you who have ever laid turf know that the key to a successful lawn is the prepartion involved in the soil.

So the pic today is of the completed garden with lawn(covered in snow), the sleepers acting as the wall complete with steps.


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